Books Available


For the younger crowd, there is a new picture book!  Dragon Song.  Here are a few pages from the book.



Books 1 through 5 available on audio!


audiobook-dusky-hollows-ad-medium-1200-x-628-red-across-middle-copyA current list of books from the Dusky Hollows Series. Books 1 through 5 are now available in paperback.  Thank you for reading!

Fierce Winds & Fiery Dragons is now available as a downloadable audio file.

Audiobook Dusky Hollows 1 FLATTENED IMAGE.jpg

Amazon Link to Audiobook


final Dusky Hollows 1 rev 3 copy small dusky hollows #2 curse of the invisibles TINY copy small Dusky Hollows 3 too much school copy DUSKY HOLLOWS 4 Version 2 on fire tiny copy DUSKY HOLLOWS 5 tree magic portal copy DUSKY HOLLOWS 6 small copyDusky Hollows 7 The Unicorn's Quest small copy DUSKY HOLLOWS 8 CRY OF THE BANSHEE SMALL copy dusky-hollows-9-tara-and-the-ice-giant-final-small-copy


And from the Princess Penny Pocket Adventures (30-40 pages each)

smallPrincess Penny and the Terrible Twins








BLOGGER LINKS (With many thanks!!!)





Special thanks to Philip J. Mather for a wonderful audio rendition of Fierce Winds & Fiery Dragons.

Audiobook Dusky Hollows 1 FLATTENED IMAGE.jpg


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